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Overall meh. By Korean Q.

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The topics and guests were great during the first season, but the Greg segments waste far too much time on tangents that are pointless and pull away from the subject. This show used to offer something unique and fun, but has since become just a sad and faded rip off of LPOTL. It feels completely uninspired and like a project you tell your friend is great to avoid hurting his feelings.

By jaclan I only really listen to 3 podcasts, 2 of which are true crime. This one is very unique as it sets up the stories in a game show format. Not only is it creative in style, it is incredibly entertaining. The guests can be hit or miss on if I like them, but the overall style and personality of Jesse and Greg makes it beyond easy to overlook my feelings of certain guests. Quickly become my favorite.

By cjk The hilarity of this show totally speaks to me. The off beat humor in the face of darkness is amazing. Easy to chill listening to! By VikingRouge. Honestly Favorite Podcast. By Pheonixgreco. Really fantastic. By Bone hardy. By Mad. This podcast is super awesome!

It makes my bad days better. The idea was genius.

Serial Chillers podcast

So glad to know of Serial Chillers. Side note: Also their merchandise is top quality.

I got a shirt and a hoodie and without a doubt the fabric is some of the most comfortable! Funny, informative, and engaging. By beecalm6. Jesse and Hella Greg put on an excellent podcast with a variety of guests. They're able to make a fun and funny podcast out of very dark material.

They make fun of awful people while being respectful to the victims. Guests occasionally make some off-color remarks, but Jesse and Greg are thoughtful and hilarious. I've tried to listen to a dozen other true crime podcasts, and none compare. Keep up the awesome work, y'all! Binge worthy!!!! By hmb Hannah from Alabama here! Love these guys!!

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Always making me giggle. As a female listener, I am sometimes irked by the things the guests say. However, the hosts do a wonderful job of regulating! Again please go listen to them. I promise no disappointments!


By roseytebles Wow, a couple of minutes into my first and last episode of this and they joke about sexual abuse of a year-old as "practically consensual, basically a commonlaw marriage. Love it! By Alyssa M.

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This podcast legit gets me through the day at work. I highly recommend it! By katelynmarieyt. Great podcast! By Halogran. Currently my favorite podcast! I always laugh, and enjoy the show. Very fun. By Domino yum. I love this podcast! Been listening for a while and it is my favorite podcast in this genre by far.

Serial Chillers Podcast

By 1crash. I stumbled on this podcast by accident about 8 months, ago and it took me no time to listen to all episodes. They have come such a far way from season 1 and the game show part of it always has me laughing! One of the best podcasts ever if you enjoy true crime. The BEST. By Mama Walka. Thanks Show More. Publishes Weekly on Fri. Location Fresno. While our follower reach on social media is not the tops, many new marketing approaches are being put into place to help gain relevant followers and subscribers.

Also, what we lack in numbers we make up for in engagement, the true crime community is very vocal and stay very involved. With any advertisement I will also post to all social medias as well as mentioning it on any game stream twitch.

As a podcast we are relatively new but the numbers continue to grow and as a gameshow podcast we could also at no additional cost use your company as a "Sponsor" for a segment if interested. With each episode hitting it's mark in as little as just 7 days. I am loyal and would represent your brand well and I think that followers and listeners would be willing to give things a chance as well.

Recent Episodes. Education High School. Age Similar Listings. Reach 2, Estimated number of downloads on average each episode receives within the first 30 days of airing. Hospitality industry veterans, Max Trujillo and Matthew Weiss, get behind the scenes of North Carolina's burgeoning food and beverage culture. Our audience is focused on food and beverage enthusiasts in addition to business professionals in the food industry.

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From internet codes to horrific cults, funny cryptids to mysterious disappearances.