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Vittorini authored 21 pieces including the serialization of Il garofano rosso , Alberto Consiglio 14 pieces, Arturo Loria 12, Tecchi Ferrata followed suit with 42 Special issues enhanced a strategy of cultural interventionism.


In March , with the special issue dedicated to Cinema, Carocci inaugurated the inchiesta a list of questions addressed to a wide number of writers. This was a way to mobilize intellectual interest, transform Solaria into a catalyst for cultural debate, but also a mechanism aimed at widening and diversifying the copy-supplying clusters. In terms of diversification, it is worth noting that the Svevo special issue has the highest number of foreign contributors. View all notes This exchange with Ferrero was symptomatic of the way in which Carocci was becoming sensitive to the risks inherent in feelings of obligation and camaraderie.

Preserving space for friends would reduce space for fresh talent, and enhance the perception of a club promoting recruitment from strong embedded ties homophily. Uzzi observed that three conditions transform embeddedness into a liability: 1 sudden exit of a core network player 2 institutional forces rationalizing the market 3 over-embeddedness characterizing the network.

To start with, beginning in , Fascist authorities exerted more capillary checks on the press by forcing the exit of non-fully aligned or compliant agents. Furthermore, despite securing distribution deals with Bemporad in the same year, journal sales did not increase, forcing the editorial board to make regular financial contributions, while Carocci and Parenti absorbed the vast majority of losses with their capital. Beginning in , a number of core contributors either exited or distanced themselves from Solaria. This move exposed Solaria to risk and triggered internal conflict.

Leo Ferrero, the core agent for internationalization, died in a car accident in and his passing provoked a dip in good-quality copy covering international literary affairs. From , Solaria had also become more vulnerable to public attacks. State-supported reviews that had adopted a fairly successful co-opting strategy Il Bargello , which they left following a disagreement with Pavolini and reviews such as Solaria that had ostensibly maintained a disinterested outlook became his polemical targets.

This antagonism also acquired a territorial dimension since the hubs of sociability frequented by Solariani and Universalisti Le Giubbe rosse and Paskowski were located in the same square Piazza della Vittoria, now Piazza della Repubblica and opposite one another. This spatial confrontation led to physical abuse, as had happened when members of Il Selvaggio physically attacked Ferrata and other Solaria affiliates in — For instance, Vittorini — a Solaria collaborator since — and Garrone entertained a lengthy correspondence over the years.

A member of the Italian intellectual diaspora in Paris after WW1, Rapisarda worked closely with Anton Giulio Bragaglia and collaborated with him on several scripts between — This shared pool of talent illustrates the high cohesiveness and intense connectivity characterizing the Florentine field as well as the horizontal mobility of contributors even across ideological boundaries.

Italian centres for asylum seekers are reservoirs of exploited labour

Solaria closed down in Was it possible for an interconnected field characterized by short global separation and high local clustering such as Fascist Florence to support a hybrid journal, a forum for intellectual exchange, that would succeed where journals based on disinterestedness and ideological warfare had failed? View all notes Launched in November , at the height of the Fascist colonial campaigns, the journal intended to make a strong intervention in the Italian cultural field. View all notes These statements were the galvanized reaction to the Ethiopian campaign which Noventa approved, like many other intellectuals including Vittorini, Vasco Pratolini and others writing in Il Bargello.

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The number closed with a series of brutal reviews, which undermined the construens mission enunciated in the opening statement with a pronounced destruens attitude. Intellettuali e riviste del Fascismo Turin: Aragno, , pp. Parenti and Carocci worked very hard to disseminate the journal at some point in the Noventa correspondence, Carocci mentions copies being dispatched to as many addresses.

View all notes Fascist intellectuals mocked it, but it was not ignored by Fascist authorities who had already arrested Noventa twice before for subversive activities. Carocci invested considerably in this journal, and not only financially. Out of items, Noventa authored 70 outputs corresponding to In essence, he was not embedded enough.

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This change of disposition or habitus and his dissatisfaction with an increasingly predominant model of distance from potentially transformative intellectual engagement led him to break away from the binding reciprocity expected by his close collaborators. My argument has been that journals establish themselves by initially accessing distinctive copy from trusted collaborators through strong embedded ties.

Embedded relations can shield journals from crisis, help share the risk, develop shared coping mechanisms and problem-solving strategies. It is not only crucial to evaluate how a journal links to its networks: one must also assess the composition of the network to which the journal is linked.

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Strategic decisions aimed at preserving a distinct position in the field may require diversification of links and clusters, and concomitant cultivation of embeddedness with representatives of the dominant power structures in a field characterized by a kinship-type of leadership. However, as I have observed in the empirical part of this study, these local and medium-length clusters Turin, Genoa, Trieste sourced multiple journals over time. No potential conflict of interest was reported by the author.

Carocci decided to continue his collaboration with Parenti.

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  2. Notes - Boccaccio and the Invention of Italian Literature.
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  6. Censorial intervention delayed the publication of the issues. They were published between November and March Skip to Main Content.

    Proceedings of the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2018

    Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Published online: 02 Mar Original Articles. View all notes This study has two equally weighted objectives. The standard greetings immediately followed. Or do you think you can still get away with it?!? Very rarely could the avalanche of insults dumped on the unfortunate victim be traced back to meaningful concepts. Besides, as a general rule, the Madwoman detested meaning, in every form. There was no human instrument that in her hands did not become a dangerously explosive device.

    And language was no exception. Her tirades revolved on the pivot of an offensive epithet, savored with pleasure and constantly repeated, as if the gist of the conversation resided there, in the pure formulation of the insult. If addressed to a male, the epithet was generally feminine. Even people she liked, and admired, had to put up with this sort of symbolic emasculation. Book Reviews. Receive Our Newsletter For news of readings, events and new titles.

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