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Interpreting in refugee camps Duration of the project: approximately 2 years. Farsi Translator Needed Requirement : English to Pashto Farsi. The content of this project is related to legal Farsi Interpreter Assignment on Wed. We need a long time cooperation. Please contact Farsi to Arabic Please send your Be a native speaker of one of the target languages below Hebre and Farsi Persian - Have a college degree and 2 years translation Required translator for Persian Farsi to Hindi. Currently we are looking for a translator for Persian Farsi to Hindi for our project.

We are looking for The deadline is Monday 4th 6pm UK Time. Please email us your cv Domain: Immigration Please let us know your rates per word I would like to know the following: 1. Farsi into English Translators Needed. Farsi into English Translators The content is based on legal information and is to be English to Persian Farsi Translation.

Interpreting for Vietnamese, Farsi Persian , and Solutions is looking for simultaneous interpreters for Vietnamese, Farsi Persian , and Arabic for a project on Jan 7, in Great Vancouver Farsi Interpreter Needed in Centennial, Farsi Interpreter Needed in Round Rock, English to Farsi translators needed for an immediate project and long term Farsi into English - Transctiption and Translator Needed. Farsi into English - Transctiption and Translator Transcribing a 2 minute video approximately words into Farsi 2 Translating the transcription into English The content is Transcription from Farsi into English.

Siamo tutti migranti

Payment within 30 days Subject for this project will be Translators Required English to Armenian and Farsi. Required English to Armenian and Farsi Please send us your CV if you Farsi Translator Needed - General Content. Farsi Translator Needed - General Required translator for Farsi Persian to German. Currently we are looking for a translator for Farsi Persian to German for our project. Translation Farsi into English. Farsi into Payment within 30 days via Required translator for German to Farsi Persian.

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Currently we are looking for a translator for German to Farsi Persian for our project. Please give me your quote. Farsi -English Content is based on Legal and Your search on the Job Board returned more than results, however only results are displayed above. Please select medium or large number of results in the search box or refine your search?

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You can also go to the Advanced Search for Translation Jobs. No results. Go to the How-To Library. RE: a freelancing job as a translation from farsi to English. I have no idea why you would want to send me your CV. As you can see from my profile which I assume. You have not given any details about your professional background here, or in your profile.

Being ab. RE: Dove trovare traduzioni mediche. Interpreting in Refugee Camps.

Poliziotto italiano con le PALLE rimanda in Francia dei minori espulsi illegalmente dai francesi!

Servizi e Traduzioni Translation Agency. WordFast ya Trados? RE: Persian on tiles. I think that is what is on these tiles. RE: Please any one help in translation Arabic. I'm sure that Please note that the text is not Arabic. The letters are Arabic but I think the language is Farsi.

Best wishes RE: Quick help translating an amazing bit of art I got.

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RE: Come iniziare una carriera? Poi, come scrivevo nella discussione "Come farsi conoscere" il link RE: Tattoo help please.

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  • If you Sempre io I deleted the post, it was in Farsi in fact, because it was an advertisment. RE: Mistranslations.


    RE: Just a note on how superior we all are here. I mixed Farsi with Urdu. So you were 7 for 8. RE: The short story. RE: Freedom of speech. Suppressing these images would RE: About ridiculous job offers 2. RE: Do you recognize this Arabic language? RE: Come muoversi in questo sito? Thank you for replying. I did try several Farsi translators and they didn't recognize it.

    You'll find a link to an article in Farsi on the subject here RE: Da dove cominciare. Iranian children in school apparently who speak Farsi , a language slightly similar to Tajik but they RE: Translation market. In the private sector, RE: Where are all the medical translators? However, I will appreciate if anyone here Sono una neo-laureata in traduzione e interpretazione che sta cercando di farsi strada come traduttrice freelance spero di Farsi was first written in Cuneiform, then in Avestan RE: Indian heritage- Not Poles apart?

    Tutti ci siamo passati, ho ancora RE: Come farsi conoscere. Grazie a tutti per i vostri preziosi consigli che sto cercando di mettere in atto nel mio sito Ciao Silvia, Volevo solo dirti che le foto sul tuo sito sono bellissime. Ho cliccato su tutte le lin. Avere un sito simpatico, Come farsi conoscere.

    Buonasera, Sono Silvia Cipriani e lavoro come traduttrice freelance da circa due anni. Solo da un me. RE: Shamelessly promoting myself. - Crossing Languages

    Otherwise I am Swedish. My language pairs are Fac simile fattura o software gestionale? Come farsi pagare? Ecco una panoramica. La prima domanda RE: Siete traduttori a tempo pieno? RE: Answer was found elsewhere. RE: Traduzione editoriale: come fare?