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Water the plant only once a week in regular soil, and do not keep in direct sunlight. The money tree grows best when the roots are touching the edge of the pot so we suggest leaving it in the pot you purchased it in for as long as possible. Money trees can grow from a few inches high to as tall as 15 feet with a leaf spread between 8 and 10 feet.

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The money tree also does not have a major susceptibility to pests or diseases, which adds to its appeal. It is rather hardy and slow growing, requiring minimal care and concern. The plant grows best in indirect sunlight and for this reason it is a very popular indoor plant that can last for a very long time if properly cared for. If your money tree starts to get some yellow leaves or wilt remove the plant from direct sunlight and check the soil.

The tree is mature at 4 to 5 years of age or it produces its first fruits in spring and fall. In case of occasional weak frost , it loses its leaves which reappear then the following spring.

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The plant prefers dehydration between the castings. The best durability can be achieved if it is kept rather dry, especially in the winter months. Dry heating air is to be avoided. It is best sprayed daily, otherwise it can react with leaf loss.

In the first year the plant should not be fertilized. Thereafter, every weeks during the pouring process, some fertilizer can be added during the summer.

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With good growth conditions, the plant grows quite fast. If it is too big, it can simply be cut back to the desired size. After about weeks, new shoots form laterally of the cut off spots. A variety from Hawaii is the breeding in a lava stone as bonsai. The plant grows in this case only extremely slowly.

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The tree is also sometimes cultivated for its nuts , which grow in a large, woody pod. The pod is not eaten. The nuts develop within until the pod bursts and releases them.

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The nuts are considered edible, with a flavor similar to a European chestnut; it may also be ground and made as a hot drink. They are toxic to rats in the raw state [6] , but are consumed by people raw or roasted.

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The tree had long been popular as an ornamental in Japan. In , a Taiwanese truck driver first cultivated five small trees in a single flowerpot with their trunks braided. The popularity of these ornamentals took off in Japan and later much of the rest of East Asia.

They are symbolically associated with good financial fortune and are typically seen in businesses , sometimes with red ribbons or other auspicious ornamentation attached. The presence of cyclopropenoid fatty acids in the nuts has been used to state that the nuts are not edible and not suitable for human consumption, despite the nut being eaten or used in medicine.

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At least one review indicates that CPFA are carcinogenic , co-carcinogenic , and have medical and other effects on animals [12] ; according to this review, "CPFA in food is dangerous to human health". Out of 6 rats tested in a study of P. But here in the UK, cruel laws mean that people are separated from loved ones for years, and sometimes indefinitely, just because of how much they earn.

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